Recently we had the opportunity to assist some ecologist friends carry out tree inspections to look for potential bat roosts. This is something we have done before, as most of us are trained and competent tree climbers (if a little slower than we used to be!).

This time, we thought it would be interesting to take the drone along too. We have had a drone for about a year but so far have only really used it for some aerial images to enhance our reports

Drones are becoming quite common now so we aren’t claiming to be leading the way with a new innovation here, but it was very satisfying to use this and realise some immediate benefits! They were:

  • The live-streamed video was visible to the ecologist on the ground, who was able to discount some parts of the trees as potential bat roost areas. This meant less climbing and less time spent off the ground, so this is a risk reduction.
  • Potential features high in the tree could be photographed in detail, saving the climber wielding a camera.

Using a drone can be even more valuable when needing to assess potential roost sites in structures which can’t be climbed on a rope and harness. 

We are looking forward to using the drone again to add value to our services and provide our clients with even better information about their sites. If we can help you, please pop an email to or give us a call.