Renewable Energy Development

Working closely with multidisciplinary teams to deliver successful solar and wind farm schemes

Barton Hyett Associates have extensive experience working with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver successful renewable energy schemes.

The renewable energy industry has evolved rapidly to make PV and wind mainstream clean energy sources.

Working closely with renewable energy developers, this often involves Barton Hyett Associates conducting an initial tree survey of a prospective solar or wind farm site in order to inform the planning process and design feasibility proposals.

Using available technology, trees and hedgerows on the site are identified and carefully assessed in accordance with BS5837:2012 to understand how they may be successfully integrated into the overall scheme and meet local and national planning policy requirements.

In addition to the solar arrays or wind turbines themselves, consideration is given to cable routing / grid connection and ancillary infrastructure. Barton Hyett Associates can also advise on the appropriate management of both protected and retained trees and hedgerows throughout the construction and operational phases of the renewable energy project.

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BS5837 compliant reports and plans

Trees are a material consideration in the planning process so if you are submitting a planning application for development on land that has trees on (or close to) it your local planning authority will require an arboricultural report to accompany the application.

BS5837:2012 contains recommendations and guidance for trees in relation to design, demolition and construction.  Barton Hyett Associates provides reports compliant with this standard.

Arboricultural Consultancy

We provide the following arboricultural consultancy services, which follow a logical sequence of events in the planning and design process.  You may not need all of these services depending on the complexity of the site.

Pre-Design and Baseline
Pre-acquisition and feasibility assessments
Baseline BSS837:2012 survey

Masterplan Review
Detailed design review
Scheme specific advice
Daylight Availability

Planning Application
BS5837:2012 surveys
Tree constraints plans
Arboricultural impact assessments

Post Planning
Discharge of conditions
Watching briefs/site supervision

Additional services

  • TPO applications
  • Conservation Area notifications
  • Felling licence applications

We use current CAD, GIS and graphics packages and techniques to produce high quality plans that will integrate with drawings, land surveys and maps.


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