Working protocols due to COVID-19

We have reviewed and considered relevant advice from the UK government , Arboricultural Association and Institute of Chartered Foresters to make sure that our work does not endanger our staff or contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus.  From Monday 23rd March, all BHA staff have been working from home instead of at our office.  We have cloud-based IT and phone systems so there has been minimal disruption to our office-based work.

As our site work is primarily outside and we rarely need to interact with other people in close proximity, we are able to continue with on-site work by taking the following precautions to minimise risks:

  • We will decide on a site by site basis whether it is safe and appropriate to carry out a site visit.
  • Staff will maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Staff will wear hi-visibility, logo’d tops to identify them as working.
  • Generally, we will not carry out work in urban areas where interaction with other people is most likely.
  • Any staff showing Coronavirus symptoms will stop work and self-isolate.
  • When visiting a site, we will not enter any properties in order to access trees, or to discuss our work with people.
  • If two or more of our staff are needed for a site visit, we will travel in separate vehicles and then maintain social distancing on site.
  • We will not stay overnight at any accommodation, for sites that are a long way from our base.
  • We ask that clients do not post documents to us where possible, and instead email us digital files.
  • Where an on-site meeting is necessary, we will maintain a 2 metre distance from all attendees and ask them to do the same.
  • We will carry hand-sanitiser and/or antibacterial wipes to be used regularly.