Shrewsbury School


Shrewsbury School


To inspect all trees within the school site – create a detailed inventory with accompanying maps and recommended appropriate management works.


Shrewsbury School is one of the leading private schools in the UK, located in a historic campus on the banks of the River Severn.  The school approached us in 2014 to provide a tree survey that would identify hazards presented by the trees and enable the estates management team to pro-actively manage the trees in order to both preserve the historic landscape and plan for the future.

All trees were inspected, and identified with a unique numerical tag for easy identification.  Around 850 trees were recorded on the inventory, which was provided to the school in a report with accompanying plans, a spreadsheet that can be easily interrogated, and files to view all the trees in Google Earth.

Since the survey, the estates manager has reported few tree failures, even in storm events.  Importantly, the survey highlighted that the school’s tree stock is rather even-aged and that there is a need to diversify the age range in order to maintain a good level of tree cover in the landscape.


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