Housing Associations (RSL)

Barton Hyett Associates have worked closely with numerous Housing Associations to ensure their tree stocks are managed appropriately and responsibly.

We understand the various issues faced by Housing Associations and the responsibilities they have to their tenants. As part of our work with Housing Associations we have assisted them to develop overarching tree strategies to help guide and direct the long-term management of their tree stock, provided bespoke tree hazard assessment procedures and also carried out mapping and inspections of tree stocks.

Often the tree stocks can be large in size, upward of 2000 trees and through innovative use of GIS based technology Barton Hyett can ensure such large quantities of data are readily accessible for easy use by the client.

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Tree Risk Assessment

Trees are fundamental to our wellbeing and quality of life, whether in an urban or rural context. 

Tree Management Strategies and Policies

We offer advice and consultancy on tree management strategies and policies.


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