Mortgage and Homebuyers Reports

If you are purchasing a property and there are trees nearby, your insurance company or mortgage lender may request a tree report.

The purpose of such a report is to assess the condition of trees on the site and how they are interacting with the property.  It is possible for trees to cause damage to structures, either directly through physical contact or indirectly through removal of moisture from the soil around foundations, which can cause ground movement and subsidence.

Both you and your lender need to know whether trees are affecting the property so that you can make an informed choice about the purchase and be realistic about the level of management that trees require.

Our pre-purchase reports include:

  • Details of each tree within the property boundary (or third party trees close to the building) including species, height, crown spread, stem diameter, age class and distance from the building
  • A plan showing the trees in relation to the building
  • Observations about trees’ condition
  • Recommendations for short and long term tree management operations
  • An appraisal of the likelihood of trees to affect structures directly or indirectly.